Finding a Good Assisted Living Home in Phoenix, AZ

Finding a great home for your loved ones is not an easy thing to do. It would help if you found a place you trust to give you peace of mind about your loved ones’ care. There are many things you must consider before deciding on the perfect home.

Vista Living Senior Care

Vista living Senior Care is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a luxury assisted care living home that integrates attentive care, family connections, and physical wellness for the residents. Vista living also has a memory care unit for those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related illnesses.

Luxury assisted living gives the residents the highest form of personalized care. The breath-taking views and beautiful landscape create a tranquil environment for the residents. Customized care is tailored to each individual’s needs to make them feel comfortable and happy.


Vista Living has a great team of staff that are trained to take care of senior residents. One of the co-founders Brett Weisel, has infused his entrepreneurial spirit into making a fantastic home that brings people joy and comfort.

The management has a great work ethic and dedication towards senior care. The Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDP) and experienced staff members improve the quality of life for the elderly. The staff maintains a personal relationship with the families and residents to maintain a warm atmosphere.


The luxurious senior care home aims to promote connectedness for the residents and their families. Some activities allow the participation of the family to ensure the elderly feel loved and remembered. The residents as well come together in some activities that create community enrichment.

The common areas like rounded hallways and outdoor spaces make them feel like part of a community. There are luxurious, fully-furnished private rooms for each older adult. The kitchens are top-tier and offer carefully selected meals and snacks with great nutritional value. The daily and weekly housekeeping keeps the facility clean.

Special Treatment

Vista Living Senior Home has a sophisticated memory care unit to provide care for residents with mild Alzheimer’s. Dementia-related complications are often progressive, and Vista Living takes a unique approach to handle them. It takes a holistic approach to improve the level of the individual’s illness.

Personalized memory care includes personal care, social activities, appropriate therapies depending on an individual’s functional level. The progressive nature of memory loss pushes Vista Living to have a cocktail of treatment regimes. They cater to each person’s advanced stage appropriately.


Phoenix Assisted Living homes value the quality of life for their senior population, and they strive to provide the best care. The older adults who have Alzheimer’s or memory loss receive personal attention from the staff. There are 24-hour staff and nurses who all participate in delivering top-notch senior care.

Memory care is not the only service Alzheimer’s patients need. Some connected therapies and treatments ensure a resident is well-looked after. Medication and activities like pet therapy help calm patients with the illness. Vista Living has dedicated its resources to creating a haven for such individuals.